I was and I still am a naive javascript developer wanting to make good websites that scales as and when required. I have been given plenty of assignments and projects on AngularJS. So, as usual, without thinking much, I was supposed to develop them using Angular. But wait, why did not I use just the javascript or may be JQuery for that sake? I did not give much of attention to these things and continued working with Angular.

But, one day I was asked these things in one of the interviews and I was totally blank. Well, I knew all the features for Angular but I was not able to convince the interviewer that I am good enough. So, here it is. A complete guide(so called) to help you all. I hope this helps to strengthen your fundamentals.

Meet the Team

Well, for now, its me. There are some projects I did when I started my masters at San Jose State University.

Soham Badheka AngularJS - Angular Docs


Next Steps…

Let’s dive deep to the concepts and get our hands dirty with fundamentals/basic code snippets to get it started! Each chapter is a different blogpost with some theories, code snippets and some hand written notes to make it easier to understand!

Blog Chapters