AngularDocs - AngularJS Tutorial & Documentation For Beginners is an initiative to help beginners, understand different features AngularJS provides. Following are the benefits, AngularJS provides. A detailed explanation is provided in the Blog section of the website.


Incorporates MVC architecture as a design pattern which makes it easier for the developers to handle things. MVVM (MVW) pattern.



Services and Factories are the specific functions used to handle specific tasks in the web applications. These make your code modular.



AngularJS has unit test readiness. It has a feature of Dependency Injection with which we can mock HTTP server and inject fake server responses.

Data Binding

Less code, easy DOM manipulation, robust framework to read/update data and faster. Basically, supports two-way data binding.



It easily talks to the backend server with $http service. These requests get the data as the response which then can be used to manipulate the DOM.



A number of validations and filters are provided by AngularJS before presenting it to the actual view. These expressions are very essential and requires less code.


Extends HTML capabilities with directives which can be bound to HTML tags and handle data. An exciting feature for developers.


Less Code

It gives you the advantage to loop over your data with some in built directives. Provides in built services and template your HTML with less code.